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Names of God Series

  • Names of God | Tiffany Lau
  • I AM | Tiffany Lau
  • El Shaddai | Tiffany Lau
  • El Emeth | Tiffany Lau
  • Strong Tower | Tiffany Lau
  • Jehovah Maginnenu | Tiffany Lau
  • El Kana | Tiffany Lau
  • King | Tiffany Lau

Title: Names of God Series

Date: Spring 2017

Medium: Micron Pens

Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.

Description: What’s in a name? God has many names that reveal His multifaceted character to us. Just a few are: I AM, El Shaddai, El Emeth, Strong Tower, Jehovah Maginnenu, El Kana, King. (Inspired by Cindy Gaskins’ Sermons)

Price: NFS